About Us

Our aim is to make you look great, while simplifying one or two of life’s complications

Technology bamboozles the best of us, you’ve read about or seen the devices in action but you’ve no idea how to go about it yourself. At Nicoll & Stewart we pride ourselves on simplifying all the jargon, helping you to understand the options available and advising you on the best solution for your needs.

Our History

The company was established 35 years ago and has developed a strong reputation across the North East of Scotland for helping customers with all matters regarding TV Aerial, Satellite and CCTV.

We work alongside a host of local independent and high street shops installing devices for their customers, taking great pride in the quality of products that we use and the workmanship of our team.

Quality is of the highest importance to us and our priority is to provide you with a long-lasting solution, rather than a temporary fix. As long term members of the Confederation of Aerial Industries Limited we work to the standards outlined in the CAI codes of Practice and British Standards; with continual reassessments taking place to ensure the quality is maintained.

All of our installations and equipment is guaranteed for a minimum of 12 months, and we are fully insured to cover all aspects of our work.

Who Are We?

Originally established in 1988 by Desmond Nicoll & Eddie Stewart, I (Gordon Smith) shortly joined the team not long after, taking over the reigns when they retired in 2009.

The business has been steadily growing as we’ve taken on more commercial projects as well as domestic clientele.

Meet The Team

Gordon Smith

Managing Director

Andy Taylor

Senior Engineer

Jake Bruce


Michael Watt