Case Study:
Farm Complex, Angus

Over the past decade we have seen an increase in theft and vandalism being reported on local farms. One recent client of ours had started to feel exposed and wanted to get something in place that would deter unwarranted interest in his properties and machinery.

With farm buildings typically lying open and keys often left in vehicles, farm environments are an easy target especially as they are often in remote locations with no immediate neighbours.

Due to the vast scale of our client’s farm and the openness of his buildings, the primary objective was to deter thieves and vandals before secondly capturing footage should criminal activities take place.

What we did for this client

Popping out to visit their farm we carried out a site survey identifying high risk areas. We then proposed obvious camera positions that could be seen from the main road with clear signage that would draw attention to them.

The bullet style cameras were our recommendation so that they would be more obvious to see, and their longer range sight also meant that more areas could be covered.

The desktop monitoring was positioned in the farm office, but with the farmer spending a lot of time in the fields or even further away we wanted to ensure it would also be accessible on his mobile device.

“As well as the security element, our CCTV also saves us time as we don’t have to keep going back to the main buildings to check on a supplier arriving, or if our workmen had put the machinery away at the end of the night.”

Farm Owner – Angus



The Townhouse, Arbroath

The Townhouse owner was aware the picture quality of his current CCTV system was poor and it wasn’t supporting his business operations in the way he knew it could. We also helped him look after his business with a new CCTV system that suited his needs.

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