Case Study:
The Townhouse, Arbroath

After taking over ownership of the Townhouse, Graham was aware the picture quality of his current CCTV system was poor and it wasn’t supporting his business operations in the way he knew it could.

As with most hotel establishments the Townhouse facilities are accessible 24 hours a day, and even with a night porter in position it is difficult to keep watch over the whole property. In addition, the bar and restaurant would see peak periods where it would be useful to redirect staff from other areas to help out.

What we did for The Townhouse

After speaking with Nicoll & Stewart, it was identified that the Townhouse required a system that could provide client and staff safety as well as assist them with business efficiency.

Upon review, it was realised that the current system was obsolete and an upgrade was required to provide high-definition pictures. In order to provide better view of the facilities it was also decided to increase the number of cameras onsite.

The new system would also be accessible on a mobile device, meaning that it could be used while on the move, as well as from the desktop setup.

“It has been a great asset to my business, allowing me to react far quicker to unexpected situations and improve our customer service.”

Graham – Owner of the Townhouse Hotel, Bar & Restaurant, Arbroath.



Farm Complex, Angus

One recent client of ours wanted to get something in place that would deter unwarranted interest in his properties and machinery – we helped him with a new CCTV system.

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