6 Reasons to Install CCTV on your Farm

6 Reasons to install CCTV on your Farm

Theft in rural areas is on the increase, so it’s no wonder that farmers are turning to CCTV to protect their machinery, equipment and livestock. Although security is paramount on any premises, the benefits of CCTV in farming has proven additional benefits for both farm owners and farm workers. 

CCTV is often primarily used to deter opportune thieves, however farmers are now discovering personal benefits like being able to get more rest, observing animals from afar and monitoring staff performance more closely. 

We understand that making decisions to invest in systems for any business can become a complex process, so we wanted to give you a helping hand. Based on our experience and research we want to help you understand why investing in a good CCTV system for your farm could be a really sensible investment. So here they are — our top reasons for implementing CCTV in your Farm.

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#1 Theft and Security

Installing carefully placed CCTV cameras on your farm will help you capture images of intruders or would-be thieves. This video evidence can then be given to the police to assist in successful capture and prosecution. Plus don’t forget that, by erecting clear simple signage – something similar to ‘CCTV is in operation’, that the system will also act as a deterrent. Advertising your CCTV will encourage criminals to look for a weaker target.

#2 Remote Monitoring

As well as security and theft prevention, farmers can use CCTV for remote monitoring. Farmers with livestock are expected to be on-hand during lambing or calving season to support and look after their herd and prevent complications. Farmers who install CCTV in their farm will find they are able to monitor the animals from the warmth of their house and benefit from less sleepless nights. Livestock are generally calmer and more able to cope without unnecessary interference from farmers. 

#3 Financial Benefits

As well as animal safety, having CCTV has shown a reduction in animal mortality, in many cases the cost of the CCTV installation has more than covered it’s costs when you calculate the value of animals which have been saved.

#4 Health and Safety

Agriculture can be a dangerous profession. Busy farms that use high-tech equipment and heavy machinery, this means that farmworkers can be exposed to potentially dangerous working areas. If you have CCTV cameras positioned in these areas you will be better equipped to monitor staff safety. Being able to watch the work in progress will allow you to devise a comprehensive safe working solution and ensure staff are compliant with your working processes at all times. 

If a claim for health and safety breach is brought against you, the CCTV footage could help you refute any such claim.

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#5 Trespassers

If you are a farm owner you may have the worry of people trespassing on your land, ramblers and local dog walkers are usually of no concern, but unfortunately there may be occasions when visitors are trespassing for more sinister reasons. With a good CCTV system, positioned in farm access points you can monitor visitors and ensure that the safety of your animals is not compromised. 

#6 Pest Control

Pests can cause havoc on farmland, whether it’s rodents, rabbits, deer, birds or foxes CCTV can be used alongside traditional pest control help you monitor and pinpoint weak areas of your farm. Having CCTV will help you keep an eye on animal feed and water sources to help prevent disease and contamination from wild vermin.

If you are looking into installing CCTV at your farm, we’d be happy to help.

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