CCTV In The Workplace: 6 Advantages For Installing Surveillance At Work

cctv in a licensed premises

Choosing to install a CCTV system in your workplace can be a sizeable investment that you need to budget for. Unsurprisingly then you’ll be wanting to reassure yourself that you are making the right decision and that it is going to have a positive impact on your business.

In this article we explore how CCTV is advantageous for your company and in many ways can actually improve your profitability!

6 Advantages of having CCTV in place for your business

1. Makes your customers & staff feel safe

This is ideal for situations where customers or staff may feel compromised. A busy bar, a dimly lit car park or even a private consultation room, all these situations can feel intimidating for either party.  By making your customer or staff feel comfortable and secure you will increase your chances of them returning again.

2. Helps with productivity

In large facilities, particularly in leisure or retail situations it can be difficult for management to get an overall view of operations. Real-time CCTV footage can enable you to identify where more support should be directed improving the customer experience.

3. Deters Crime

You’ll often find monitors & cameras in full view, in this situation the motivation for the CCTV system can be more about deterring crime than capturing evidence. This can save you money by preventing damage or theft, it will also allow you to focus more on your loyal customers.

4. Encourages good behaviour

When people know CCTV is in place, it impacts positively on their behaviour as they know it will be captured on video. Think how quick you are to change your behaviour when someone even whips out their Iphone. We don’t like the thought of ourselves being shown in a bad light and therefore tend to conform to what society expects.

5. Lowers Risk

Insurers will often look favourably on businesses with CCTV installation, as it is a proactive step to preventing fraudulent or bogus claims by individuals. We read too often now in the paper about businesses being accused of wrongdoing. In many situations it is one persons word against another. CCTV can help you provide proof of innocence, or at least show preventative steps taken.

6. Reduces blind spots

Take a live concert, a football match or even a shopping centre. These environments will all have security guards in place, however I’d say it is almost impossible for them to have everywhere covered. CCTV surveillance allows real-time monitoring so that an immediate response can be provided should a situation occur. This is increasingly important due to the increased threat level at large scale events.

In Summary

At the heart of any successful business is a strategy to retain staff & customers. The natural outcome of this is that sales will increase and costs will be reduced.

Installing a CCTV system can be a positive step in improving the customer experience and will therefore help encourage repeat custom. An additional benefit is that a surveillance network could also help you save costs on your insurance premiums by reducing the risk to your business.

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