Developing several properties or multiple occupancy building?

Operating across Angus, Tayside & Aberdeenshire we provide a full design, installation and maintenance service for communal buildings including:

  • Flats
  • Residential care homes
  • Hospitals
  • Schools
  • Office blocks
  • Hotels

Experienced in working with Construction Companies, Facilities Managers and Property Owners we slot seamlessly into existing operations taking care to minimise any disruption.

What technology do we use?

With a multiple occupancy building we are typically installing an IRS (Integrated Receiving System) which enables Satellite, TV Aerial and Radio signals to be transmitted to multiple points.

The system empowers the end user to be in control of what they subscribe, watch or listen to without the landlord having to step in each time. All the signals are available, it’s just whether the tenant for example wants to subscribe to receive Sky Digital.

By installing an IRS system it avoids the need for multiple dishes and aerials on the building which is not only unsightly, but is difficult to maintain especially as the signal often varies. We usually install the Vision V5 IRS and it provides:

  • Terrestrial Digital TV (Freeview & Freeview HD)
  • Satellite (Sky, Sky+, Sky HD, Freesat)
  • Radio (FM, DAB)

Do you do Sky?

An alternative that we sometimes use is the Sky Q system which was launched in late 2016. It enables ‘fluid watching’ which essentially means that you could pause a TV programme in one room and pick it up in the same position on another device such as a tablet; it also allows you to record upto 6 programmes at once. Take-up has been slow as the cost is still fairly expensive at the moment, however it would mean that you are future-proofed for 4G upgrades.


Feature restrictions for commercial use

In situations such as Hotels, Bars or Hospitals you may want to provide or limit access to certain TV features. This can be done using a coaxil delivery system that means that control is held at a central point rather individual digital boxes in each room. An example could be providing access to the Sky sports channels in a bar environment.

Each scenario we attend is different, and an initial site visit is essential to gain an understanding of your needs and the layout of the building. Following this we can provide recommendations for the most cost-effective delivery system for your requirements.


Maintenance & upgrading of existing equipment

Don’t fear, Nicoll & Stewart are here!

All too often large businesses use national companies to set up the initial fitting, however the performance falls short in the longer term. We can provide a call out service for any of your existing services advising you of repairs or installing upgrades when necessary.

Looking for TV & Wall Mounting?

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External Wall Insulation, TV & Aerial Support

As part of a nationwide initiative, you will have seen many older buildings are getting insulation attached to the outside of their building in order to improve their energy efficiency.

In order for this to take place all existing attachments such as satellite dishes and TV Aerials must be removed. In most situations these are attached to a scaffolding structure while work is carried out, and then re-positioned onto the new external render once the project is completed therefore minimising disruption to tenants.

We can provide re-positioning of TV Aerials and Satellite dishes at the start and end of the project as well as on-going maintenance support. Currently we provide this on-call service across Tayside & Angus and it is priced per satellite dish or TV aerial.

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