Frequently Asked Questions

What height should I wall mount my TV at?

In your living room we would advise you fit it at sitting height, typically in the middle of a wall. Using a full motion wall mount bracket you could also position it in a corner.

In a kitchen, we’d recommend standing height, as typically you’ll be cooking or handling other household chores at the same time.

For a bedroom it really depends on what height your bed is. Lie down on the furthest side of your bed and adjust height suitably, it will be higher than you might expect.

What is the best way to hide cables behind the TV?

To hide cables most effectively we make use of wall cavities, these are simply pockets of space behind your plasterboard. Otherwise we would use cabling and discreetly lay it along your skirting boards, colour coordinating where possible.

I’m not sure what’s wrong with my TV, how much is it for you to come and take a look?
A lot of the time we can try and identify the issue over the phone, and advise you of the best route forward. If this is not possible we charge a standard call out fee of £44 +VAT which covers you for our first hour onsite.

What wall brackets to you provide?

We can provide all types of wall bracket including; flat fixed, tilt and full motion.

Do you offer a free site survey?

With our CCTV systems we offer a free site survey from which we will produce a detailed quote.

For most of our TV Aerial, Satellite & wall mounting work we will provide an estimate over the phone or by email; the exception being if we are providing services to multiple units or a commercial contract where a more detailed understanding may be required.

My satellite is rusty and ugly to look at. Do I have to phone sky or can you replace it?

We are more than happy to replace old and rusty satellite dishes.

Sky want to run the cable down the front of my house, can you do it more discreetly?

Yes, of course. We can look at options for your satellite cabling concealing them from view. For this type of service we charge for labour and cabling provision, leaving the connection ready for Sky to install the dish as per your arranged package.

I’m moving home what do I do about my satellite dish?

The dish remains with the house, phone Sky and they will for the relocation package.

Do you fit Freeview?

Freeview is typically now part of your TV set,

What is a digital aerial?

There is no such thing as a digital aerial. All aerials are capable of receiving analogue and digital signals, however some are better at receiving digital signals than others due to the bandwidth they cater for.

How much does it cost to move an aerial socket onto another wall?

Usually about an hours time plus the cost of the cabling and socket itself – approximately £ 65-75 +VAT. For more information on pricing visit our pricing page here.

Can you fit a TV point into a bathroom?

Our advice would be to only do this when you are redecorating due to t tiling or wet wall issues you may face. It is also important to speak to your bathroom installer to ensure the correct TV is installed, obviously electrics and water aren’t a good mix!

Why is my picture breaking up?

This could be for a number of reasons – click here for our Troubleshooting page.

How do I get better signal?

Again – you might be able to solve this issue via our Troubleshooting page.

Some of my channels are missing, what should I do?

Yep – try our Troubleshooting page.

What is CCTV DVR?

It is essentially the computer that saves the security images and stores them to a hard drive.

What features should I look for in a CCTV DVR?

We would suggest you review:

  • The number of cameras it can support
  • The amount of storage it can provide and how it creates a back-up
  • How easy is it to search on?
  • How many frames per second it captures
  • Remote viewing capabilities
  • How it connects to a network
  • Movement detection
What hours are you open?

Our regular operating hours are between 8am and 5pm.

Our office is only manned however between 8-12 noon. After this time, it diverted to a mobile number but as we are often up a ladder we may not be able to answer it immediately. Please leave a message and we’ll call you back as soon as possible.

What payment methods do you take?

Card, Cash, Bank transfer & Cheque, all due after work has been completed.

What areas do you cover?

Standard TV Aerial, Satellite work – Tayside, Angus & South Aberdeenshire

Commercial & CCTV – Angus, Fife, Perthshire, and South Aberdeenshire.

What is the CAI?

The CAI is the Confederation of Aerial Industries. We choose to be a member as we wish to illustrate our high quality service and competence, by being a member we are constantly assessed to ensure our standards are maintained.

As a member we must:

  • Work to standards outlined in the CAI Codes of Practice and British Standards
  • Be continually re-assessed to ensure standards are maintained
  • Use quality, tested equipment verified by the CAI Certification Scheme
  • Guarantee all installations and equipment used for 12 months
  • Be fully insured to cover all aspects of the business scope
  • Prove that we employ a competent and reputable work force