Redecorating or on the move?

When moving home or office we often just assume that all connections are in place ready to plug and play.

However, that is often not the case. New buildings often require a TV aerial or satellite to be fitted, sockets may be in the wrong place and you may be a little nervous about hanging your TV on your new walls.

New housing developments

What do you mean the TV aerial isn’t included?

It is often an area that is over-looked when buying your house, but often new builds don’t include the installation of a TV aerial or Satellite. The reasons as to why they are not included vary, but often it’s that everyone wants a different set up and the developers want to avoid TV aerial issues as part of the snagging list.

TV installation is a specialist field often avoided by mainstream electricians and by dealing with the installation yourself it will ensure a better service in the long term.

New Equipment & Installation

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Redecorating in the home

Movement of TV & satellite points

Unsightly wires stretching around the room? Whether you’re redecorating or just moved in, aerial sockets are often in the wrong place. Rather than unsightly cables trailing around your room, we can simply reroute cabling to the right location leaving a presentable aerial socket in place. This is also ideal for wall mounted TVs where you want to keep all the wiring hidden.


Multiple TV & satellite points

Nothing worse than when everyone in the house wants to watch a different programme!

Most new houses only come with Satellite & TV points in the Livingroom and master bedroom as standard. If you want to avoid the battles over the remote, we can easily come to the rescue and position additional points in bedrooms or home offices. In some cases it may be required to install an amplifier to boost the signal but this all depends on the existing strength at your location.

The next step up would be a multi-room installation, such as SKY Q which would allow you to watch digital TV in any room and access the recorded as well as live TV programmes.

Looking for TV & Wall Mounting?

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Relocating to new offices or is your existing place getting a facelift?

A welcoming reception can make a world of difference to customer perceptions. Providing background distractions such as the news channel can put clients at ease and distract them from lengthy waiting times. Set up your own transmitting channel and showcase what’s happening in your business, this can also be ideal for communicating with staff.

The team at Nicoll & Stewart can work with your development team providing installation, set-up and maintenance for your workplace.


Any Questions?

With over 20 years in the TV Aerial & Satellite industry, our expert team can handle any job, big or small. Contact us today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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