Needing CCTV for peace of mind?

Imagine that dreaded phone call where you’re told that your home has been burgled, a member of staff has acted inappropriately at work, or someone has driven off in the night with your prized tractor.

Hindsight has a real sting in its tail so don’t leave it until it is too late.

If you’ve been feeling uneasy recently or need to keep watch on areas of your business, surveillance TV can protect your staff, customers, property and assets from abuse.

When discussing CCTV we think it’s important to start at the beginning, taking the time to understand your concerns so that we can recommend the best solutions for your situation.

In some cases it’s about providing an effective deterrent to inappropriate behaviour, in others it’s about being discreet. However, in almost all situations we are dealing with a series of cameras that work together in order to capture the optimum footage.

Types of Cameras

Predominantly we install two key styles of CCTV camera; the Bullet and the Dome. Functionally the two are very similar, the surrounding environment and your reason for requiring surveillance will usually help select one over the other.

Bullet Cameras

Great for the outdoors and covering large areas such as carparks, farms and the exteriors of commercial properties. Shaped more like a gun, they outwardly protrude from the wall and typically give a longer range than the dome camera. They are more obvious in presentation so are more suited in an environment where you are looking to deter unwanted visitors as opposed to discreetly monitor the public.

Dome Cameras

Named after their dome like shape, these cameras blend well into their surroundings which is ideal for settings such as shops, casinos, restaurants, bars and homes. It is very difficult to tell which way the camera is aiming, which avoids people hiding behind it and protects it from vandals who are looking to avoid detection. There are infrared red versions that can be used at night as well as anti-vandal versions that are pretty much indestructable!

IP vs Analogue Cameras

All of the cameras we supply are HD, so as to provide you with the best quality picture. There’s no point taking the time to install CCTV if you don’t get a clear image to capture the action.

The use of IP cameras is now also steadily growing as the cost of equipment has started to become more affordable. An IP camera uses a computer network instead of a traditional Digital Video Recorder, meaning that it can provide far better quality pictures; allowing you to zoom in without the picture going grainy. An IP system also means no need for a separate power supply and it will provide a far easier scalability of system. If you’d like more information get in touch.


Where and how you monitor the footage is also important. You may be looking to just keep a record which can be played back when required in which case a back room location will suffice.

Alternatively, it may play an active role in your business for example gaining access to a secure area or monitoring people in a factory setting in which case it may have a more visual location.

With all of our setups, we provide remote viewing and playback options.


The Townhouse, Arbroath

The Townhouse was aware the quality of their current CCTV system was poor and it wasn’t supporting the business the way it should. We installed a new CCTV system that suited their needs.

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Farm Complex, Angus

One recent client of ours wanted to get something in place that would deter unwarranted interest in his properties and machinery – we helped him with a new CCTV system to keep his mind at ease.

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Repair & maintenance of existing CCTV systems

Cameras can take a fair bit of beating in the Scottish weather as well as receiving unwanted attention from vandals. We can help you repair and maintain your existing system as well as advise you on when upgrades are necessary.

It may be that you’ve extended your premises and so require additional cameras, or your existing system has been in place for 10 years and has seen some wear and tear.

Contact us directly and we can discuss your current issues and advise of the best solutions moving forward.

Got CCTV Questions?

Contact us today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have. With a free site visit we can visit you and discuss your requirements, advising you on any legality restrictions that may affect you too.

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