Wall Mounted TVs: What is the best height to mount a Livingroom TV?


We’ve all done it when hanging pictures, now we’re doing it with the TV! Moving back and forth you try and figure out the right position. Holding it against the wall you hope you’ve got it right, but we all know who’s fault it is if you get it wrong?! Well before you go rushing in with the tools and then get sent packing with your head in your hands. Put the tools down and take 5 minutes to read … Read More

Wall Mounted TVs: How to hide cables behind plasterboard walls?  

Hide Cables Wall Mounted TVs

You’ve spent a small fortune on this new TV that promises the best viewing experience with all the latest mod cons, but you can’t help but think it looks a little sad standing on the unit below.  Friends of yours have got their TV mounted on the wall, they said it was a simple bracket holding it in place, which makes sense, but how do you hide all the wires? The back of your TV already looks like a bird’s … Read More