Wall Mounted TVs: Do all wall brackets fit all TVs


How to decide what wall mount is best for your TV

Have you finally decided to get rid of your tired old TV stand? Are you trying to embrace the minimalist style that comes with having the TV on the wall?  Buying a wall mount sounds like a simple job, but it’s easy to be confused by the different specifications you need to consider. And after spending a small fortune on your TV, you don’t want to risk having it fall off the wall because you haven’t bought the right backing for it!

So, do all TV’s fit all wall mount? The simple answer is no.

Figuring out what wall mount to buy and where to buy it can be a complete technical minefield! What seems like a simple job can become a headache in no time. Navigating what shape/size/brand is best for you though doesn’t have to be as tricky as it seems.

First off, almost all modern TV’S are standardised to fit the main wall mount brands on the market, so it doesn’t matter whether you have a Samsung, Sony, LG or any of the other TV manufacturers. The wall mount doesn’t have to be the same brand as your TV.

How to choose the wall bracket for your wall mounted TV.

There are three main areas you should consider when buying a wall mount. These are what size your TV is, what weight it is and which kind of VESA mounting pattern your TV has.

1. TV Screen Size

Measure TV Screen

Each wall mount comes with a maximum size bracket so for example if your TV is 24 inches a basic up to 25-inch Wall Mount will work for you. The wall mounts do adjust to fit a smaller size, and the product description will normally specify the appropriate sizes of TV for the wall mount. The size of your TV screen gives you the easiest way to match the correct wall bracket to your TV. Just remember to measure it on the diagonal from corner to corner.

2. Weight Restrictions

You should also consider the weight restrictions on the wall mounts. Majority of flat screen TV’s do comply to the weight restrictions that are specified to the correct size of wall mount. However, it is best to check before you buy your wall mount, your TV instructions and back of the TV should detail the weight of your TV.

3. Your TV VESA Pattern


Figuring out your VESA pattern sounds complicated but it really doesn’t have to be! VESA stands for Video Electronic Standards Association. They have standardised the distance between the holes where your wall mount would connect on the back of your TV which means majority of modern wall mounts should fit with newer TV models.


Checking your TV’s pattern is fairly straightforward, as the majority of Televisions today will tell you in the manual what the measurements are for the wall brackets. It may be described as your VESA pattern or simply as your wall mount measurements.


If you have an older TV or cannot find any specifications in any documents related to your TV, then it’s time to get out the tape measure!

To check the measurements yourself, measure between the vertical and the horizontal holes on the back of the TV .Then when buying your bracket, simply check the product description which should show it’s pattern measurements and find the one which will match your TV.

The simplest way to find a TV bracket with a size to fit your TV is to look for a ‘one to all’ sold by many different brands and retailers, they are standardised to fit most brands of TV’s.

In Summary

In order to make sure that you don’t have to exchange your wall bracket at a later date there are three things to consider; TV screen size, weight restrictions and VESA pattern. There is no need to buy the same brand as your TV manufacturers as ‘one to all’ brands are stocked by most retailers on and offline and fit most modern TV sets.

Still confused ?

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Did you know?

The kind of wall mount can make all the difference to your room whether it be a tilting wall mount or a standard wall mount.

See our blog on types of wall mounts (link) for more information on picking the right one for you.

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