Wall Mounting TVs: 11 Mistakes People Make When Wall Mounting TV’s


Do you get frustrated by the dust gathering on your TV stand, or do you crave that minimalist style? Whatever your reason for deciding to wall mount your TV, the important thing is that you do it right!

Doing it wrong could be very costly indeed!

Not only are you risking your prized TV but also the wall it’s supposed to be hanging on!

Here we list out 11 of the most common mistakes people make when wall mounting their TV! If you’ve decided to take a bash at doing it yourself instead of getting in the experts you’d be wise to take heed!


DIY Wall Mounted TV’s : 11 mistakes to avoid

Not reading the instructions when hanging your TV

I know we all hate reading documentation, but do yourself a favour and read up on the best practice procedures. It really will only take you minutes and will potentially save you hundreds of pounds.

Hanging the wall mounted TV above a Fireplace

As many houses are laid out with a fireplace as their focal point, you can see why it would seem like such an obvious place to locate your TV. First off though, fire and smoke don’t mix well with electrical appliances, sure it might not have immediate effect but it will certainly shorten their lifespan. More importantly the key reason not to wall mount your TV above the fireplace is that you’ll end up with crick in your neck as the viewing angle is far too high.

Not considering sun exposure when positioning your wall mounted TV

A frequent after thought, that ends up with you having to keep your blinds shut in order to watch the TV! There are two options to avoid plunging yourself into darkness; firstly make sure your location is not in the direct angle of the sun’s glare and secondly use an arm bracket that allows you to tilt the TV screen away from the glare when it becomes obscuring.

Wall mounting your TV too high or too low

Lifetime TV viewing infographicWe spend on average 718 hours per year watching live TV alone www.perfecthome.co.uk . Wall mount your TV at the wrong height and with that volume of repetition you’re going to give yourself neck strain with a side effect of headaches.

As a rule of thumb If you are wall mounting your TV in your living room we’d suggest that you fit it at sitting height, typically in the middle of a wall. You could also position it in the corner, but you’re going to need a full motion mount bracket to optimise your viewing experience.

In the kitchen, depending on the layout, we’d advise you to do it at standing height that way you don’t need to miss out on cliff hanging story lines while preparing the dinner. Finally for the bedroom we’d recommend you to lie down on the furthest side of the bed at the angle you would watch your TV and decide from there, a lot of it is going to depend on the height of your bed; it’s also likely to be higher than you thought it would be.

Not allowing for enough cable length when wall mounting your TV

It’s going to be pretty frustrating to get your TV up on the wall and then realise that you’ve not allowed for enough cable length to get your TV connected. You need to think about power supply and connecting appliances such as games consoles, apple TV and SKY Boxes.  If you are needing to create a coax extension, don’t just go with the cheapest one available, they’ll only lead to weak signal. Digital TV isn’t like the old analogue system, where you could toggle the wires slightly to improve the snowstorm effect; you’ve either got adequate signal strength for a picture or not.

Not Selecting the right wall bracket to hang your TV

VESA-size-diagramThere are different types of wall brackets such as flat, full motion and tilt which will alter your viewing angle. More importantly though you need to choose the right VESA size. This is the distance between the screws on the back of your TV; you’ll get nowhere without the correct size.

Not carrying out a dry run of the wall bracket and TV connections on the floor beforehand.

We’ve all had the rage where you’re trying to fiddle with a screw, but struggling with the weight of something at the same time. Wall mounting TV’s is one of those jobs, where you can’t necessarily what you have to do because the unit is in the way. Avoid falling out with your assistant and do a practice assembly on the floor first so that you can work out where everything needs to go, without having the weight of the TV as well.

Not securing the wall mounted TV safely to your wall

We’ve all heard of stories where someone’s TV fell off their wall, this is 99% of the time down to incorrect installation practice. TV’s although lighter these days, are still a considerable weight, especially the larger ones. Not finding a stud partition or using the correct drywall method will leave you running the gauntlet of your TV staying in place, along with your wall. I know I wouldn’t fancy letting my children run around a room where the TV could fall down at any point, plus it’s gonna hurt the back pocket at the same time.

Not having someone help you with the installation of the wall mounted TVwall-mounting-tv-installation

Nothing like a bit of peace of quiet to get cracking on with some DIY jobs around the house. Don’t be fooled though, this is 100% a two person job.

Not using a spirit level

Don’t rely on your eye-sight for aligning your drill points, you’ll only be frustrated by the crooked angle once the TV’s in place. If you don’t have a spirit level to hand, you can always download  https://measurekit.com app on your Iphone as well as lots of other great uses it includes a level.

Not putting enough HDMI cables in place for future use.

Wall mounting your TV is a pesky job and probably one that you don’t want to be repeating. To save yourself time in the future makes sure you feed enough HDMI cables through the wall from your TV  to the corresponding console section.

In Summary

After buying a new TV you may feel resistant to part with some more cash to get it put in place by a professional and instead opt to do it yourself.  This is all very well if you are a dab hand on the tools, however if you don’t know your flathead from phillips it is perhaps not the best starter project! Plan ahead for your project and admit when you are out of your depth as it could be an expensive mistake to make.

Feeling unconfident? Arrange to get your TV wall mounted by an expert here

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