Wall Mounted TVs: What is the best height to mount a Livingroom TV?


We’ve all done it when hanging pictures, now we’re doing it with the TV!

Moving back and forth you try and figure out the right position. Holding it against the wall you hope you’ve got it right, but we all know who’s fault it is if you get it wrong?!

Well before you go rushing in with the tools and then get sent packing with your head in your hands. Put the tools down and take 5 minutes to read our handy tips on positioning your livingroom wall mounted TV at the right height!

Ensuring that you don’t end up with a crick in your neck and an unnecessary hole to plaster and paint over.

Why it is important to hang your TV at the right height.

Lower back pain affects one in ten people and is the leading cause of disability in the UK. We spend on average an astonishing 718 hours per year watching TV (www.perfecthome.co.uk), so as fairly regular position, you could be doing more damage than you think.

The perfect height to mount your living room television; 4 steps to success.

Lets start at the beginning, think about what position you are most likely to watch the TV from. In the livingroom this is most likely a seated position on a sofa or chair.

The most comfortable way to view your favourite TV programmes is to have the middle of the TV screen at eye level. This avoids you having to put strain on your neck.

You might not feel the effect immediately but after a marathon Netflix session or a Sunday film afternoon you might not be saying the same thing.

wall mounted tv what height?

A standard height for your TV doesn’t exist as we all vary in size and can select different styles of furniture. However, there is a really simple way to get it just right for you.

  1. Take a seat in the place that you are most likely to sit to watch your TV and then ask a friend to measure the height from your eyes to the floor.
  2. On the wall that you want to mount your TV take the previous measurement and put a marker at the same height.
  3. Measure the height of the TV and half the measurement to identify the centrepoint. Using a pencil you can mark either side on the wall.
  4. As a guide the average height for mounting a TV in the livingroom is 42 Inches from the floor. Don’t take our word for it though – get yourself measured up!

Is the bedroom TV the same height?

No, we’ll be providing a guide shortly for the bedroom, but our advice is most of the time you’ll be lying down to view in the bedroom and depending on the wall space available & height of bed you may have to position it higher than you might expect.

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