What are the different types of TV mounts? A guide to figuring out what TV mount is the best for you


Ready to mount your new TV but unsure what mount will be best for you? It’s easy to be confused by the difference between swivel, tilt or multi position TV brackets. Getting a wall mount is often an after-thought for many people, but if you’ve spent a small fortune on a TV you want to position so it works the best it can for you and your family!

Benefits of Wall Mounting your TV

If you’ve previously had a TV stand you’ll know how much a of dust & clutter collector they are! Mounting your TV instantly makes your room feel more organised and tidy; with more flooring in view it can also seem more spacious.


In addition to enhancing your home decor,  it has the added benefit of improving your viewing experience – ensuring that you’re in the best position to curl up and watch your favourite programmes.

Whether you want to  position your TV as the centrepiece of your room or  tuck it away discreetly in the corner. Choosing which TV bracket you want to use can help you achieve your desired room style as well as maintaining the best viewing position.

Therefore, before you buy your wall mount, you need to plan how your TV will look within your home and figure out what is the most important factor to you. Because how you want your TV to be positioned and if it will need to be adjustable will affect which kind of mount you want, as each bracket does an individual job.

Mounting your TV may sound simple but it can be more confusing than you expect! If you need more advice on how to mount your TV once you’ve chosen your wall mount, check out 11 Mistakes People make when mounting TV’s

Different Kinds of TV Wall Mounts

Wall mounted TV: A Flat Mount or a Moving bracket which do I need??

You have to decide is your biggest concern the way the TV bracket looks in the room? Or is it important that the TV angle is adjustable? If your worry is the aesthetic of the wall mount then check out the low-profile mounts below but if your concern is how you can you alter your viewing experience once its mounted see the moveable options.

1.  The Fixed Wall Bracket / Low-Profile Wall Mount

The most common kind of wall mount is  Flat to wall,it is also referred to as a low-profile television mount or fixed wall bracket. This kind of bracket doesn’t allow for you to tilt or manoeuvre the TV once it’s on the wall. However, it does allow for the TV wall mount to be inconspicuous and lie flat to the wall. It is perfect for those who want a non-fuss wall mount, that isn’t seen once it’s up. This kind of wall mount works with all different types of TV, but it might not work with flat screen TV’s that have a protruding back. Always check your TV specifications or ask an expert for help if you’re unsure if your TV is able to be mounted.

Ultra-Thin Wall bracket

The Ultra-thin/slim wall bracket allows your TV to sit incredibly close to the wall and offers the ultimate minimalistic design.If choosing this type of  wall mounting, you must also be aware that for the TV to lie flat to wall the cables are best hidden in the wall- making this unsuitable  for homes without partition walls.

2.  The Moveable TV Wall Mount

TV-wall-mounts-swivel-bracketsSwivel bracket

A  Swivel wall bracket is pretty similar to a  flat/ low profile wall mount, but it also allows for you to move your TV horizontally. It tends to come with a slightly extended arm to support the range of movement. Great for if you want the flexibility to have your TV angled at your kitchen prep area some of the time but your breakfast bar at others.  Some swivel wall mounts also come with a tilt function which allows the TV, to move slightly vertically.

Tilt bracket

TV wall mounts tilt bracketsYour Tilt wall bracket is also similar to your flat/low profile mount, but it allows the TV to tilt downwards.

This can enhance your view of the TV, especially if it is mounted high on the wall or you’re using the TV in your bedroom where the viewing position is lower.

Choosing a tilt bracket gives you the flexibility to change your TV position whilst maintaining the low profile look of a flat wall mount.


TV-wall-mounts-full-motion-bracketsThe Multi position wall bracket, allows you to mount your TV in a corner.

It give you flexibility to fully adjust your TV for the perfect viewing experience. These brackets tend to have a small extending arm which allows the TV to tilt up to 14 degrees and swivel up to 180.

In Summary : which bracket is best for your wall mounted TV ?

When choosing which bracket will suit your needs best, first identify where you want to position your wall mounted TV and how you want to view it.

The fixed wall bracket is the most common but given no maneuverability, whereas the tilt or full motion options give you the opportunity to solve a viewing issue. This could be wanting to see the TV at two different angles in your kitchen or not wanting it to sit as focal point in your room unless you are watching the TV.

Still Confused?

If you are still confused after viewing our guide, our team carry stock of all wall bracket varieties allowing you to talk to the experts and make your decision at the time.

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